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Pam Becker Music is a warm, friendly, fun, and inspirational place to grow and learn.  Pam teaches with passion and excitement to encourage her students to not only become strong, confident musicians.... But to also become strong, confident human beings.  She works hard AND plays hard.  She encourages creative and innovative thinking through reading, learning, creating, playing, and writing music.  Pam motivates each and every student, in a way that best suits their individual personality, to step out of their comfort zone and strengthen themselves from within.  She expects the extraordinary... And in turn... her students expect the extraordinary of themselves.  Our 30 minutes together each week go much deeper than just learning to play an instrument... Pam becomes a true friend... A trusted mentor... And an inspirational role model.  She becomes a part of your family... And that is a wonderful thing!

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What They’re Saying

"Miss Pam is honestly the best teacher I’ve ever had. I’ve taken 7 years of music and had multiple teachers, and Miss Pam was the one that once I met her, I knew I wasn’t going to stop taking lessons with her. I took lessons with her for 4 years until I couldn’t anymore, and I cannot tell you how much she would get me excited for my next lesson. She would constantly push me to my best, while still helping me with what I already had down. She would always go above and beyond to help me learn and grow as much as I could musically, while also always being a friend and someone I grew to know as a best friend as well. She’s a wonderful woman with an amazing personality and a wonderful and talented teacher. Much love to her and the blessed time I spent with her ❤️"

Xanthe Bergel  - Age 16 - Lovettsville, VA

"Pam is an incredible teacher! She creates a personalized learning environment that is both challenging and a safe space to grow. I took lessons with her for five years and always felt inspired to improve and encouraged to have faith in my own ability. I am now studying theatre and performance at NYU and I find myself grateful for her lesson each day I’m here—both on the technical side of music and the life lessons that come along with studying the arts. I could not recommend a more inspirational and incredible woman as a teacher and role model."

Alex Hess - Age 19 - Waterford, VA

My two girls were beginning to tire of the piano after about a year and a half of lessons, even with their kind and patient teacher. So I decided to search out a new studio that might be able to bring a little more fun and enjoyment to learning. I found Pam online and after a few emails to see if she would be a good fit for both of our girls, we switched over. Now, a little over a year of being her students, we have really seen a difference in the way the girls truly enjoy playing the piano. My oldest daughter is rather shy, but "Miss Pam" picks such perfectly emotive music for her with just the right amount of challenge that I have on occasion caught her playing with a lot of passion and emotion when she thought no one was looking. And the challenging pieces keep her practicing first thing each morning without my ever needing to get on her about it! Added bonus, she plays a lot of Beatles songs and I never tire of having that as my background music these days while working from home.

Hannah Wollmann, Ashburn, VA

"Pam is a fantastic instructor. Our daughter started with her at the age of 8 and immediately fell in love with not only playing guitar, but singing. She really loved going to her lesson every week. She is going strong and still loves singing and playing, and we are grateful to Pam for that!"

Matt Dehler - Lovettsville, VA

"We were so lucky to have Pam be our oldest daughter’s instructor. She picked out fun and exciting music for her to play - so much so that she would wake up in the mornings and play the piano before she did anything else. Our youngest daughter is now also taking lessons and she has gone between the guitar and piano. Pam has made each one as interesting and exciting as the other. Inspiring kids to choose music is a real gift. We couldn’t be happier!"

Laura Sherman - Lovettsville, VA

"Our 3 girls are in their fourth year of lessons with Pam. Piano, guitar and voice! Pam is not only a knowledgeable teacher but also a very personable one as well. I feel like my girls are going to their aunts for music lessons, Pam is that sweet and trustworthy! We followed her from Lovettsville (where we live) to Leesburg and will continue to follow her. My girls love their lessons and love and adore Pam. Pam has instilled in each one of our girls a love for music as well as the confidence to perform in front of anyone! Talent shows, recitals and whenever we ask them to play when we have friends and family over, they are so confident.. and a plus is Pam teaches them songs that they enjoy learning and performing. We couldn't ask for anything more from our music teacher!"

Kyung James, Happy mom of 3 musical girls - Lovettsville, VA

Pam is an excellent teacher, and I highly recommend her! We found Pam while looking for a vocal coach for our 12 year old. Pam convinced her to learn piano to accompany her singing. She had taken piano lessons years ago but quit because it wasn't enjoyable. What a difference a good teacher makes! She not only enjoys playing piano, but she's surprised us with how well she's playing after only a few months. We were so impressed that we signed our 10 year old up for lessons too. Our 10 year old has been equally impressive! Thank you Pam for showing our kids what a joy it can be to play music. I'd add that switching to lessons by video conference during COVID-19 has been as smooth as possible while still being productive.

Curt Keller - Leesburg, VA

Testimonials from a 6 and 9 year old!
"Miss Pam is very nice and fun!"  "She is a great teacher!"
"As a parent, need I say more? My girls argue like normal kids about many things.....Music lessons are not one of the things they give me a hard time with. Expert guidance and fun motivation is what they have always known with Miss Pam, making my job as a parent so much easier! I highly recommend her as a music instructor that will fill your child’s heart with a special appreciation of music. I will add that I am a huge fan of Miss Pam’s summer camps and music theory get togethers. I found those sessions to boost huge technical advancements in their music abilities and understanding.
Thank you Miss Pam for all you do!"

Isa, Rose, and Cyndi Nelson - Lovettsville, VA

"My 16 year old son, on the Autism spectrum, began working with Pam in the Spring of 2019.  She effectively communicates with our family, and quickly developed a positive rapport and connection with my son.  Pam has been able to help him improve his vocal technique, as well as coach him on stage-presence during performance band shows.  Pam is a multi-talented musician, and is consistently compassionate and resourceful in her approach to instruction.  We would highly recommend her to other budding musicians and vocalists."

Beth Richardson - Purcellville, VA

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About Pam Becker

Pam has been a musician her entire life. Growing up in Gaithersburg Maryland, she came from a family of musicians... Pianists, Organists, Vocalists, Guitarists, Saxophonists.... Music surrounded her, and fascinated her.  Pam formally began her studies on the piano at the age of 6... And continued through decades!  Her lessons started with the classics and ended with blues, jazz, and ragtime styles.  Through elementary school, Pam was blessed with an amazingly talented and inspirational music teacher (Mrs. Goodall) who took Pam under her wing as a vocalist.  Learning guitar came later in life, as Pam began her studies in 2010.   It wasn't long before everything started to come together.  Pam intensively studied her music theory, applied it to her three instruments, and took a leap of faith to become who she is today!

Pam lives and teaches out of her beautiful home in downtown Leesburg Virginia.  She has four beautiful children (all very talented musicians), a big fluffy dog named Bongo, and a sweet-as-honey cat named Honeybee.  Pam loves to perform locally.  She engages her audience with her unique vocal style and warm personality.  Don't give up a chance to see her!

Pam is doing what she was put on this Earth to do!  And is extremely passionate about it!  Pam loves children of ALL ages.... And loves to teach them music!

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